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Full - time or hourly options... which is right for me?

You have the option of registering your child as a Monthly Contract participant or an Hourly Contract participant. 


If your child's schedule is the same each week and you plan to utilize the program 3+ hours per day, registering as a MONTHLY is your best option.  Fill out a contract for the month so we know when to expect your child.  We need these by the 15th of each preceding month (if your child's schedule does not change, don't worry about filling a new one out each month).  Invoices are emailed on or around the 20th of each preceding month.  Payment is due by the first of each month and is considered late after the 5th. Monthly rates INCLUDE Winter and Spring breaks.


If you plan to use Club occasionally, this is your best option.  If your child's schedule will not change but is only staying at Club for an hour or two, fill out a contract and choose the HOURLY option.  If you need a drop-in spot for your child, reserve one the day before you need childcare.  Drop Ins will be accepted only on a space-available basis.  Cancellations must be made by 8:00 AM that day.  One hour's fee will be charged if we are not notified by that time.  Hourly fees are due after tallying up all hours during the month.  Invoices are emailed on the 1st of each subsequent month.  Payment is due upon receipt and is considered late after the 5th.  Hourly rates DO NOT include Winter and Spring breaks.


We accept checks, cash, money orders and credit cards (credit cards have a $5.00 transaction fee).  Online payments are in the works.



(Commencing August 22, 2018)


Grade level           5 days/wk          4 days/wk          3 days/wk          2 days/wk

Kindergarten                        $534.00/mo                 $442.00/mo                 $352.00/mo                $255.00/mo

Grades 1-5                             $445.00/mo                $370.00/mo                 $293.00/mo                 $214.00/mo

Hourly Rate (K-5)                $9.65/hour                  

Unannounced Hourly Rate $10.00/hour

New Registration                  $55.00/child

Re-registration                      $50.00/child

Sibling Discount on Monthly & Hourly Rates    10%/sibling (1st child pays full rate, each sibling -10%)

Vacation Rates                    TBA   



registration forms

We are mandated by the State of California DSS to have all of these forms on file for every child:



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